Tis' The Season

It's the final stretch for 2021
           If you are a maker, retail shop owner, restaurant worker or owner, then you know that the next 8 weeks are... well...Crazy. It's all or nothing. It determines the final profits of the year. Sometimes it's hard to enjoy the holiday season when you have to give it everything you have after a 10 month marathon. 
         If you are one of the "lucky" ones in this category, then you also know it can be a love/hate relationship. You know what it takes, you know all the extra hours but you still do it. Working for yourself is so rewarding. Not for everyone, but it's for me! 
       So, to all you fellow self employed "crazies" , let me tell you, "WE CAN DO IT"!! Finish strong and enjoy this 6-8 week ride... Oh, and then hurry up, 2022 is right around the corner and time to plan the next 12 months !!
Cheers to 2021, almost in the books !