The 3rd Day of Christmas

On The Third Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Paper Snowflakes
Did you make Paper snow flakes when you were a kid to tape to the windows? I sure did. The newest version has been seen all over Pinterest the past few years. I love the fact they are big, in expensive and you can make them anyway you like.
You Just need:
Package of paper lunch bags- white or brown
glue gun or glue stick
hole punch
   I used 10 bags for each snow snake. Glue the bags in a glued stack with a T shape glue bead. The T should be upside down. The top of the T along the bottom of the bag. Keep going until you have 10 glued together.
   Cut any shape you want to create a snowflake. There a lots of patterns online. 
Open up like an accordion and glue to create a full snowflake. I punched two holes in one of the points and strung a piece of twine for hanging.
Fun activity with family and friends. ENJOY!