The First Event, At The Cottage and what I learned about myself.

April 24th and 25th, 2021 went by like a flash !

It all began in December 2020. I finally found my space to create The Cottage.

It did not take long for me to begin the transformation. I had already been pinning ideas from Pinterest and collecting paint swatches over the months leading up to taking the space. I had been searching. Actually it been an idea in my mind for several years. I just needed to make room for it. I needed to eliminate some of the things in my professional life that didn't make me happy or serve me any longer. Once I did that, everything fell into place.

I kept circling around to this 11'x14' space. I had done a few events in the building before and knew the owners family. We had all worked together before and it was always a good fit. 

So, then the creative part. Cleaning, paint, lighting, stenciled floor, curtains and a outside clean up. It is a small space and I had it done in a month. Now, pick a date and open the door. Sounds easy, but I was definitely.... nervous? Not sure if that's the word exactly. I usually teamed up with someone else. This time it was all me. I initially wanted a partner and thought I had one, but it wasn't meant to be. I second guessed myself a few times but then the dates and times were set. Would anyone come? I asked myself a hundred times and if they did come, would they like it? Seems crazy now because it FAR exceeded what I hoped it would be.

People came.... I mean everyone. Customers from when I had the two shops in both Chatham and Harwichport, customers from the shows over the past 5 years, followers from both Instagram and Facebook, friend and family !! They came both days, even in the rain. It was, well, AWESOME! I feel like, after 20 years in business, (this is actually my 20th year. I started in 2001) this was the single, most rewarding two days I have had. Maybe I was finally ready for it, maybe it took 20 years to get here, maybe the right space had to come along and did, or maybe it found me!!

Cheers to me!!