The 4th Day of Christmas

On the 4th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
My Top 5 Places for Coffee on Cape Cod.
    So, If you know, you know. I'm a professional coffee drinker. I drink a lot of coffee. I mean A LOT of coffee. Black coffee. I love the taste. I have several favorites but I am sharing 5 for you here. Top coffee houses have to include good service as well. The vibe is a factor, but it's a good, hot cup of coffee that makes me a regular customer.
1. Snowy Owl Coffee
3 locations. I go to the OG, Brewster location. 2624 Main Street, Brewster. The other two are in Chatham and Sandwich. I go just for the coffee. They do offer other things but the coffee is the star. They roast their own and have several choices. My "go to" is the Captain Crosby- full body blend. I will do an occasional cappuccino, but I just love the Captain Crosby blend. You can buy it by the bag to brew at home. The vibe is cool, seating inside and out. Chickens roam the grounds outside. 
2. Amie Bakery
Located at 1254 Main Street in Osterville. It's a new build building, good parking. French style bakery and Cafe. You can watch preparations through the big window in the seating area. My "go to" here is a cappuccino. I order almond milk. Always the same and perfect cup. The pastries are amazing.  A true French Bakery. Everything is beautiful and tastes amazing. Checkered floor, chandeliers, glass cases, smells for days. I place to meet and share some sweets.
3. Three Fins Coffee Roasters
Three Fins is on the bend in West Dennis at 581 Main Street. It's in a little strip of shopping stores, on the corner. The wide open, lofted, exposed pipes has an urban feel. Comfy coaches and chairs to sit. It is not a place to get anything else but coffee. They have a huge variety of blends from all over the world. A HUGE chalk board displays all the menu coffee choices with a bean description. Always consistent and good service. I get an Endless Summer cold brew or El Salvador, medium roast. They also do music in the summer. 
4. Lighthouse Keepers Pantry
This one is new to the cape. Known for small batch pantry items, jams, marinades and honey. Now a beautiful café at 173 Main Street- Rt 6A in Yarmouth Port. The café is beautiful. It's an old home converted into a café. So much to look at, shop the pantry and gift section when you come in. Sandwiches and my favorite, quiche is self serve. They will heat it for you to dine in or you can take out. Plenty of seating in a step down dining area with a gallery wall of nautical paintings. Coffee is excellent. Here I get house blend or cappuccino. Both always good. Staff is very nice also.
The photo above is from here and this place is going to be here a LONG time. 
5. Cape Roots Market and Café
Located in my town at 657 Route 28 in Harwichport. Also fairly new. Just about a year old in a new build. We needed a little market downtown and this one fits the bill. They have prepared foods, produce, dairy, bread, pantry good and a coffee café. The sell Snowy owl here, so you can't go wrong. They do have a little pastry case if you need a little sugar with the coffee. I love this market. I meet friends here. Seating inside and out. My menu choice here is the cold brew, or cappuccino with oat milk. They do plenty of seasonal coffee drinks also. Always good service here. Parking outback. Probably the café I visit the most as it's in my town.
All of these are good. All a little different so you need to try them all. I do! I may do a "town by town" pick in another blog post over the winter. Seems like we have more choices than I can remember over the years. They are all open year round and I hope you coffee café hop when you are on The Cape.