The 2nd Day of Christmas

On The Second Day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

A Paper Bag Advent Calendar


     This is a simple, at home project to do for the kids to countdown to Christmas Day. Each bag can be filled with little treats to surprise your children. Little things like, toy cars, candy, key chains, pencils, and anything else you can gather for a treat. SO simple to do:

  • One package of brown lunch bags( you need 25)
  • A White chalk Writer from Craft Decor ( any craft store would have)
  • Hole punch
  • Red and white bakers twine ( amazon or craft store)
  • small goodies to fill each bag.

I laid each or the 25 bags flat.I folded the top, opening to appear like a roof line.

Then used the white chalk pencil to free hand a cottage or gingerbread house on the front. You can search Pinterest for ideas or just free hand like I did.

After you draw all the houses, you can number each so they are opened in order or the children can choose their own bag everyday, one a day leading up to Christmas.

Fill each bag. Use your hole punch to make two holes, about 2" apart, like in the photo, on your "roof. Cut about 12" of twine, lace through and tie a bow. 

That's it!! Simple and fun. You could keep all the bags for next year or use them to decorate a shelf or mantle.