The 1st Day Of Christmas

The Best Gifts to Give During The Holidays and All Year
       On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me... The Art Of Charity.
With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season we need to remind ourselves that we are lucky to be able to buy gifts, send cards, go to parties and put up all our holiday decorations. Not everyone has that luxury. Yes, it is all a luxury. I recently saw a post on Facebook about a church in Hyannis, Ma donating Christmas Trees to local, needy families. So many do not have the money to spend on that perfect tree. That money is for food, rent and not to have the luxury of a tree. 
       Giving and giving back your time has always been part of the way we have taught our kids, now grown, that giving is better than getting. Over the years we have volunteered, organized local fundraisers involving out community to give back. Those lesson have stayed with both my kids. They have continued to organize events to give back. 
       There is a homeless population in this country that gets ignored. We avoid it, look away, and justify what is happening by telling ourselves they are lazy and that they choose to be homeless. Mental illness is at all time high. Children are cold and hungry. The elderly need our support and company. The suffering in our country is enormous. So, I ask you to do what you can. Make a donation, gather clothes, volunteer your time, drive an elderly person to the doctor, spend time at a nursing home, see if you can pay a lunch tab at your local school. There are so many thing you can do that don't cost money. They just require your time. 
         I have put together a short list of local organizations for you to get involved. Not just at holiday time but all year long. Call and ask what they need and how you can help. Do it as a family, with a friend or give up that Sunday football game on the couch to give just a few hours of your time. I can tell you one thing, you will NEVER regret helping someone else. NEVER.
    Just a few local, Cape Cod organizations:
Too many to name them all, but some reference to get you started on a life to service others.
  • Family Pantry of Cape Co
  • 133 Queen Anne Rd, Harwich
  • 508-432-6519
  • Lower Cape Outreach Council
  • 19 Brewster Cross Rd, Orleans
  • 508-240-0694
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • 411 MA-6A #6, Yarmouth Port
  • 508-362-3559
  • American Red Cross
  • 286 South St, Hyannis
  • 508-775-1540
  • Cape and Islands United Way
  • 1600 Falmouth Rd- Unit #25, Centerville
  • 508-775-4746
  • WE CAN
  • 783 MA-28, Harwichport
  • 508-430-8111
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cape Cod and The Islands
  • 684 Main Street, Hyannis
  • 508-771-5150
  • Cape Abilities Inc
  • 895 Mary Dunn Rd, Hyannis
  • 508-778-5040
  • H.O.P.E. Foundation of Cape Cod
  • 4730 State Hwy, North Eastham
  • 508-255-4673