Pinecone Wreath

    • Pinecone Wreath DIY 
  • What you need:
  • Pinecones, I used 25 for this wreath, gathered from my yard.
  • Square wire wreath form, Dollar Tree $1.25
  • Green, wide wired ribbon, Dollar Tree $1.25
  • Twine, I had on hand, or twist ties
  • Any 8~ 12" Piece of 1" ribbon for hanger.


        1) CUT 8"Pieces of twin, enough for each pinecone.

         2)Wrap each pinecone and leave enough on back to tie

           to form.

          3) Space pinecone around wreath before tying to get the spacing you 


          4) working from the corners first, tie each pinecone to the wire form until

              the wreath is completely filled the way you want.

           5) Tie a bow with your green ribbon. Use a piece of twine to fix it to the                     wreath, on top of pinecones.

            6) Use the 12"Piece of 1"wide ribbon for a hanger.

            7) You can spray the wreath with a matte clear coat for longer use.