Mother's Day 2022

    Mother's Day is a very personal day. It evokes so many emotions, all different for everyone. So happy, some sad, and some without any feelings at all. All these feelings are valid and your own.

My feelings run the gamete. I do not have a great relationship with my own mother. This is my choice and it's taken me a very long time to be "okay" with it.

I am a mother to two sons. I was born to be the mother of Tyler and Noah. It's my greatest life achievement and purpose of my time on earth. It did not come easy at first. I don't think anyone can prepare for this "job" of a lifetime. To say it's the hardest job, is an understatement. I will be talking more about my journey as a mom over 27 years in an upcoming podcast. I could do 100's of episodes, and maybe I will. I will be inviting both my kids to be guests to hear what they ahve to say about my biggest job as their mom.


Happy Mother's Day to all of you who celebrate and to those that have sadness or loss on this day, I will have you in my thoughts and hope that the day can bring some joy.