Meet Me, At The Cottage Cape Cod


I've been thinking about this concept for years.

I wanted to create a space for people to meet, share, and be inspired.

At The Cottage is a 11' x 14' room. An empty space. I will be taking you along from the beginning. I have been in the retail game since 2001. I have created and successfully run 4 retail shops. All of these shops were commerce based. A place to make money, make a living, buy and sell. This space is going to be different.

I am going to build this along with you. The definition of a Cottage is a small cozy dwelling. That's exactly what I want to create. It won't be about what the space looks like, but more about it highlighting the person, business, club or group in it.

I will be documenting the journey and creation of, At The Cottage on Cape Cod, starting with a good cleaning, paint, new lighting, signage and a lot of COFFEE. The overall timeline will be about 4 weeks and a budget of $1,000. 

All the before and after's and everything in between!