Making A House A Home


Making a house a home takes time...

As a kid, my parents took us to auctions, antique stores and thrift shops. Those places were a lot different than what you can find today. I thought everyone spent Saturdays that way.

After I got married, we inherited hand-me-downs and anything we could find for free or really cheap. Life was all about the budget.

now, much older, I love even more the hunt for treasures. I really don't NEED anything. I just like to add to make my house a cozy, inviting home. A home with stories. I can say that I do NOT like clutter. I like everything in my home to be deliberate and designed. If I bring in "new to me" items, I donate, give a way the same number of items. 

My philosophy is that it gave me joy for a while and now time for someone else to enjoy it for a while. Nothing, I believe has a "forever" home. Its just on its journey to tell more stories and pass it along to the next home. 


This past Sunday, and recently, I have been pickin' and pokin' around. Not intentionally, but things are finding me. I found some great items in my husbands families cottage that just sold to a new owner this past week. I just went to look, remember on the times I spent there and a car load of items found me.

some will come home, some will be shared with my kids and some will be reimagined and sold this summer at my new place, At The Cottage Cape Cod to make new stories for someone else.

Get out and poke around once in a while. It's fun, interesting and just maybe you can find a a "new to you" treasure to add to creating your COZY home.