Finding Inspiration

Inspiration. Where does it come from? 

      I have been asked many times where I get my inspiration from. My answer is always the same. I get it from the likely and most unlikely places.


      The likely places are Pinterest, other social media accounts, and other makers. That honestly is not where I find things to make myself, but rather get excited and energy from what others create. I don't think to myself, ever that I want to copy what others are doing. I admire and support them, but never steal others creations. I've been on that end of people taking my idea and doing it themselves. It's not a compliment, it's stealing an idea.  


    The unlikely places give me the most inspiration. My ideas spark from food. Beautiful pastries, cakes, and cookies. Food has evolved so much over the years and follows trend much like fashion and home decor. Lemon yellow, rich chocolate, white buttercream, blueberries are all inspiration to me. Fashion trends are also inspiration. Indigo, denim are all popular now as well as natural fibers like linen, organic cottons, casual wear. With everyone staying home this past year, the big designers launched comfortable, casual clothing and I also followed trend with cozy, feel good images and sayings as people what home to feel safe and cozy.


    Other unlikely places come from travel, nature and architecture. I love old and new. I see something that I am not looking for that makes me happy or brings me joy. When I have those moments, I usually have a bunch of new ideas as a launching point to create my version in a pillow, towel or a seasonal item. So, for example, I spend a lot of time in Boston. The last time we were in the North End, walking toward the famous Faneuil Hall and stumbles on a movie set being filmed near the Union Oyster House. Cobble stone street, oldest tavern in the country, a real life step back in time. It was transformed into Christmas with "snow" and holiday decor on a 80 degree day. Got me really thinking about some new Christmas designs. Dickens style, old world, a simpler time. So, Monday morning I ordered cozy plaids and flannels. Inspiration translates in different ways for different people.


     So, recognize when something you experience or see brings you joy and happiness and recreate it into whatever you make. It makes for endless possibilities.