Hydrangea Season

          It's almost Hydrangea Season on Cape Cod and the Islands 


I don't know what it is but seems like hydrangeas have become a very popular attraction here on Cape Cod. I do remember the many hydrangeas along Shore Rd. in Chatham. Some of the most photographed homes along Shore Rd are those with hundreds of plants flanking pathways to the front door. One home, dubbed "Hydrangea House" becomes a tourist stop all summer, until the blooms are gone and the plants covered in burlap to protect them from the salty air of winter.


I like hydrangeas, but there has become an obsession with them. Everything has a hydrangea image on it. Clothing, home decor, mugs, everything! Maybe it's because it reminds people of summers on Cape Cod? Who really knows, but I don't see an end to the hydrangea merchandise craze.