Coffee, What's the deal with you and coffee??

Cof-fee : noun

A drink made from the roasted and ground beanlike seed of a tropical shrub, served hot or iced.

   I LOVE coffee. It's no secret if you know me or follow me. I have been drinking coffee as long as I can remember. Both grandparents perked their coffee in a silver pot. You were able to see the coffee "bubble" in the clear glass top. My memory of my home growing up was instant coffee. Tasters Choice to be exact. Cream and sugar always added.

   I drink my coffee black. Always have. I love the taste of dark roasted, hot coffee.

     Coffee, for me, is more than a morning ritual to get through my day. I look forward to that first sip before 6:00 am each day in my orange Syracuse cup. The same cup I've been drinking from for 8 years. No other cup. I have a lot of cups and mugs but only use this one. Just the perfect size and handle.

     I usually down a 8 cup pot before leaving the house, water drinker most of the day and then another coffee in the afternoon. I could drink it before bed, caffeine doesn't effect my sleeping.

     So, coffee is an experience. "Meet for Coffee" , chat over coffee, coffee with dessert, coffee to start your day. 

     We travel quite a bit, and I am always looking to hit the local coffee shop. I love to see the interaction between people. I love the way a coffee house feels.

    Italy was an "experience". Coffee there is, well, a way of life. You stand, at a marble bar, served by a gentleman in a white shirt and bow tie, Espresso and Cappuccino only. No take out. white cup and saucer, demi spoon. Men, women, children, workers all enter the small cafe, order, usually one euro. Sip, pay, hear the latest news and yell grazie on the way out. It's like a dance. Italy, by far, best coffee experience. Quebec City is a close second. People tend to linger longer there. A sweet is usually pared with a cappuccino. Both wonderful experiences.

      I think what I loved is that there is no drive thru, no Styrofoam cups, no crazy pumpkin spice drinks... Just the Art of Great Coffee. I will be sharing some of the best spots with the best coffee on Cape Cod in an upcoming Blog Post. I have my favorites from P'town to Buzzards Bay.

      So, Take a little time to smell the coffee...