Cape Cod Cottage

Cottages on Cape Cod
    When I think about what a Cape Cod Cottage looks like, this one is it! Most of the homes now along the water in Chatham are very big, multimillion dollar summer homes. Most of those homes, although now renovated, were always large, however they are rustic and seasonal. Every year, late fall, the owners would cover all the furniture with white sheets, drain the water pipes so they wouldn't freeze over the winter and put the house "to bed" until Memorial Day the following year.
    Most of those true summer houses are now much larger, and year-round homes. This house, in the photo are the little cottages I remember in south Chatham, which was very seasonal growing up. They were all weekly rentals that the same visitors would rent every single summer. Most had a quarter board on the front with a name. Most cottages have a name.
   I know time marches on, and you can't live in the past, but I can't help to long for the days, in a simpler time when a cottage looked like a cottage and the walls had summer stories to tell.