Beach Cottage Living 2021 Collection

Beach Cottage Living

Has been my baby for 20 years.

It has evolved, changed and growth with me over the years.

Every winter, after a very busy holiday season, I tie up all the loose ends of the previous year, take inventory, tally the totals and then turn the page to anew season.

I always have a handful of 'Best Sellers' that return to the next season and then create new ones to complete the collection. Not all the seasons designs release in January, as new things develop all year, but I do come up with a handful of things on my "to do" list.

I am often asked where the inspiration for new items comes from. The simple answer is, everywhere. I draw from fashion, paint, food, landscape and just about anything that draws me. This year my focus is on COTTAGE LIFESTYLE.

Cottage by definition is a cozy dwelling. Whether you live at the coast, the mountains, the city or in the country, you can make a room or corner of your home cozy, with a cottage feel.

So, this year, that's my focus, cozy, warm feeling and happy designs.

I look forward to a new season of