Be Curious - January

What I learned When Being Curious
     My 2022 word of the year was more of a goal. My goal was to be curious to learn something new each of the 12 months of the year. January was to really learn to embroider. I have dabbled in it over the years but never set out to do a large project of follow a pattern.
     It has become a trend on Pinterest and social media. As I began to search embroidery on Pinterest, I realized that it wasn't grandmas embroidery anymore. People were embroidering pillows, towels and clothing! So much color, creativity and beautiful. There are tons of patterns on ETSY to purchase for a digital download. I purchased the one pictured for just $4. I love the way it turned out and want to do it in different color combinations.
      I'm certainly not a master yet, but plan to try to embroider clothing, denim to be exact and know it will become my new obsession. 
      February is coming and I need to pick my next, "Be Curious" skill to learn. I have a list of potential things that is longer than 12, one for each month of 2022, so I need to choose the ones that I've been really wanting to try. Some of them are, quilting, weaving, pottery, and some cooking and baking skills as well. I hope you try something new too! It's fun to stretch yourself. 
     Embroidery- CHECK
     More to come !!