2021 Holiday Season

How does this years holiday season look for you?
And, have you changed since the 2020 year we had?
    What have we learned for the 2020 year that was? I hope something. I can't really put my finger on a specific thing, but I know life is different. We all had our personal journeys and as a planet, we were all "in it together". But, were we? 
I feel like my life, my intentions are different. Although its been a heartbreaking period of so many losses and loneliness, there have been some triumphs. Triumphs to be celebrated.
      I have definitely worked less. It may not seem like it but I have. I have been slowly pairing down my wholesale retail partners. I have been considering taking a break from wholesale all together for next season. Building the web site, hosting and having more Pop UPs is really the direction I am going in. I would like to do two big shows in 2022. Traveling to those in other parts of the country.
    Two big things that are on the 2022 business goals list are, 1- pod cast and 2- "TO Be Announced" I will be blogging all about the new direction of Beach Cottage Living in 2022 the week between Christmas and New Years.